living word

A Christian Dramatist known as:

The Walking Bible.

With a deftness born of talent and sweat, he will lead his audience.

With only a movement of his body, a change in his voice, or a pacing of his words,

He will control the emotions of those present.

Tears and Laughter, Sorrow and Joy, Victory and Defeat

Seem to come at his bidding.

McNiel is a vocational evangelist

But one with a difference !!!

Instead of preaching sermons,

He quotes whole books of the Bible.

He will in dramatic fashion – recite a complete book .

He will dress as James or John or some other Biblical Character.

Using few aids or props save his talent and the Biblical text,

He will clothe his chosen character with flesh and blood,

He will make difficult and dull passages come to life before your eyes.

They will become more clear and appealing.

As Jim quotes from the Living Word,

Long and difficult sentences appear to become short and simple !!!

Obscured and forgotten verses are remembered and understood.

Jim is an evangelist – not an entertainer.

He presents his message with a purpose.

To declare the love of God

and to call men and women to obedience and faith.


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